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 Suishou Izanagi Done

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PostSubject: Suishou Izanagi Done   Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:40 pm

Character Information

Name: Suishou Izanagi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Hidden Mist Village

Date of Birth: 17/6



Izanagi has long white spiky hair that stretches past his shoulders. The Shinobi’s skin tone is of a tanned one compared to others. The Shinobi long ago chose to include a mask that would be worn on his face no doubt. The mask is a jet black one; it has an almost glossy black tint to it, making it even more unique. The mask fits closely to Izanagi’s face as if it were his own skin, an extra layer on top of the actual handsome face which is hidden behind the mask. The mask has eye holes with slight curves which make it appear rather menacing. Izanagi’s crimson orbs or eyes seem to be overshadowed by darkness. This gives the impression that the man has no eyes, and it is only darkness which resides there. The mask doesn’t prevent Izanagi from hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing etc. It was designed for this specific purpose, to function as if it wasn’t there. The mask is also equipped with a special substance that performs a unique function. The aforementioned function is to form different expression on the exterior of the mask. A white substance is used, which decorates the mask with black and white patterns. The mask then allows onlookers to see or judge Izanagi’s feelings. What does this mean? Izanagi can smile behind the mask and the white substance will manifest that smile. A frown, a look of confusion, emotions of affections will be like pictures drawn on the mask. The mask seems to replace Izanagi’s face even covering his ears. Behind the mask is a handsome face, which causes others to be curious as to why he chose to wear a mask. It is also said that only Izanagi is aware of the way in which to remove this mask from his person. As stated the man has a handsome face that could be easily as menacing or welcoming as the mask that he wears. The Shinobi also has 3 sets of earrings in both ears. The earrings are in the shape of golden rings, moving from his earlobes upwards.

Upper Body:
Izanagi also sports a necklace around his neck of course. The necklace has a set of 5 red jewels hanging from it. The necklace itself is normally tucked inside his garments and out of sight. But there are odd occasions when the necklace becomes visible for all to see. Izanagi’s upper body is of a muscular tone, one that is built to endure. His physique also tells a story, one that suggests the man is in shape and well trained. Izanagi’s muscular tone is not as despicable compared to other brutes. Instead the Shinobi’s body fits in well with his handsome exterior unlike others. Izanagi sports a fishnet under shirt, this is of course typical of many other Shinobi's. Over this fishnet undershirt the warrior sports a long sleeve black tank top. This black garment fits close to the body and over this is a dark red vest, which is tucked into his obi. Izanagi also sports a colourful Haori over his clothing too. The Haori is blue and white essentially in colour, with cherry blossom petals on it. There is a white dragon mixing in with the blue material. It stretches from the tail of the Haori on the right side. The Dragon then ends on the left side of the upper area of the Haori. The armour is made up of forearm guards and upper arms guards. These guards are meant to aide in the use of parrying enemy attacks. Izanagi also sports a pair of black gloves, these gloves are however fingerless ones.

Lower Body:

The lower half of the Shinobi’s body consists of a White Obi sash around his waist. Izanagi also has black trousers, with a white dragon design on both feet of his trousers. The Obi sash of course carries the Shinobi's weapons. The sandals are also quite typical compared to that of the Shinobi. They however stretch upwards towards the knees, giving them the appearance of a Ninja Tabi. Upon close inspection Izanagi stands at 6’1 inches with a well built tone. He is your typical manly man, except more epic.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 10 Stones

Personality: Izanagi can be a very cunning and calculative person at times. He is also very perceptive, often picking upon things very quickly. The man can also be extremely thorough as well whenever he does something. Izanagi is also the responsible type that you can rely on to follow through. This ranges from following orders, even disobeying them when necessary or promoting tradition in a sense. The Shinobi works very hard to accomplish whatever task is given to him. There is no mountain that he can't climb, that's the way he is. Izanagi can also be very obnoxious and at times demonstrate a definite lack of manners. The Shinobi however tends to set out clear goals for himself, mainly for those things that he'd like to accomplish. Once this is done, he generally thinks up ways in which to achieve these goals, which is generally by any means necessary. The man will even look to compromise in some situations, but not very often. He is also loyal to those around him and expects to be shown loyalty when necessary. Another aspect to Izanagi's personality is that he can be quite merciless too. The Shinobi can be seen as unstable, marked with a fox grin at times.

Izanagi is a shameless tease, some will describe him as a troll that holds nothing in high regards apart from the things that affects him. As said before he is very perceptive of everything around him. He finds it quite easy to make an assessment of those around him. What makes him truly remarkable is that he is very determined, realistic, and original in his ideas. And can easily turn a theory into a plan that works well for his peers. Izanagi is also very opened to the suggestion of his peers and is willing to heed their warnings. He also takes nothing for granted and can find it a little difficult to trust people. Izanagi is also not the type to sit back, he is very action orientated in his ways. Apart from his relaxed nature, the man can be very assertive and outspoken.

Likes: .

  • Girls
  • Playing his Flute
  • Training

  • Noise
  • Opponents that escape him
  • Being weak


Birth Arc

Academy Arc
Izanagi was born into the Suishou clan as a young and promising clan member. Growing up as part of the Suishou clan, Izanagi was made to constantly train his body. So that it would be able to handle the pressure of learning his clan’s taijutsu style which is not for the physically weak. Being sent to the Ninja Acandey, once there Izanagi quickly picked upon a couple of things and gradually made his way to the rank of Genin. During his time at the Academy it was essential that the Suishou clansman trained well. His clan members had high expectations of him and he knew as much. From a very tender age Izanagi has been known for his abilities with his musical instrument. Being able to cast Genjutsu through the use of sound. It was a special talent that not many possessed. But that wasn't the only thing that made him a promising Shinobi. The Suishou’s clan members are well built, so much so that it resembles their beast like strength. This also aided Izanagi when it came to his Taijutsu training sessions at the Academy. He also possessed the uncanny ability to utilize both Ninjutsu and weaponry. It wasn't a surprise to some that he was able to accomplish this feat with a lot of finesse behind his actions. Along with his constant physical training, Izanagi took a liking to playing a musical instrument in the form of a flute. Which was ironic too since his parents seem to appreciate music too. And just before he graduated the Academy he was giving a special flute made of a special material that is speculated to be unbreakable. How much of that is truth is still unkown to Izanagi. Finally graduating the Academy Izanagi prepared himself to travel the road of becoming the greatest Shinobi ever known to men. It is still a dream of his and it doesn’t seem like he’s about to give upon it. But history has shown that Izanagi would never admit to such aspirations in front of anything. It is nothing more than something he would often think about, but never actually saying it aloud. Now presently Izanagi is looking to take his aspirations a step further by working hard and overcoming whatever challenges he may face along the way.

Genin Arc:

Izanagi progressed as planned from a mere student to the rank of Genin. His own clan members could no longer ignore him; instead they had to recognize his potential. Izanagi continued with his training, learning things that would become unique to him along the way. It was very essential for a Suishou clan member to branch out and be unique among their clan members. Izanagi decided to become a swordsman, and by practicing and learning the way of the blade, this will be accomplished somehow. More importantly, Izanagi took several steps into becoming an even better Shinobi. It was during this time that he even obtained a set of scrolls. These scrolls would end up allowing the youngster to summon creatures to aide him in battle. These creatures came in the form of turtles/tortoises. Izanagi soon decided that he would become a sage after all, mastering the numerous techniques that came along with these having the scrolls. As time went by, Izanagi figured that he will have to take the next step somehow. The Suishou clan member as expected was placed in a three man cell team, lead by a respectable Jounin. Their missions would often include escorts, delivering messages and clean up duties. There were also the odd B rank missions, but these normally derived from C-rank missions that escalated. Nevertheless, the future of the Suishou clan continued his work, until the time of the Chuunin exams came round for him.

Chuunin Arc:

The exams, the exams, the chuunin exams to be precise were finally here. Izanagi wasn’t the only Genin from his clan to enter either, in fact there were several others like him. The Genin at the time had something to prove and that he would do. And so it started, the preliminary rounds were completed and Izanagi passed with flying colors too. He was a part of the team that got through the preliminaries third. As the exams progressed, Izanagi faced off against someone that man would deem as worthy. This opponent hailed from the Hidden Mist Village, and had a unique style of fighting. Unfortunately for his opponent though, Izanagi wasn’t planning on giving up at any time. And through sheer determination and hard work, Izanagi was able to overcome his opponent. The bout between the two combatants taught the Shinobi a lot. Izanagi didn’t just fight his opponent; he learned a few things about what it meant to be a Shinobi. The Suishou clan was also seen and showed off by the other various members. As such, other nations began fearing their abilities, since no one truly knew of their capabilities. The Genin ranked up and was now a Chuunin through hard work, a reward that he earned no doubt.

Jounin Arc

Izanagi didn’t halt his progress at the rank of Chuunin, no; the Shinobi decided he wanted to accomplish a lot more. As a result, Izanagi decided to work even harder to get to the next level. The Chuunin Suishou clansman soon earned his promotion after completing numerous missions. To add to this, Izanagi showed great leadership skills and dedication. His ability in terms of using the Ninja arts had reached levels above what most were expecting. It was safe to say he went beyond the expectation of others. It was during this time that Izanagi’s personality underwent a few changes. The man even managed to get his hands on an item, a mask to be exact. This mask soon became a trademark for the Shinobi, and as soon as anyone saw it, they knew exactly who the man was. This of course had its advantages and disadvantages for him. Izanagi was also advancing further in terms of using his clan’s abilities. His ability to utilize his weapon, the "Reverse Motion Blade" had also gone far beyond what others thought he’d be capable of. The newly promoted Izanagi continued as usual, always working hard to reach the next level, and so he continues on.

Kage Arc: If Applicable

Missing Nin Arc: If Applicable

Ninja ID

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Rank: Jounin

Element: Water, Earth and Haton (Black Crystal Element)

Nindo: If its worth it, then do it.

Skills: Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu.



Exploding Notes
Windmill Shuriken(s)
Smoke Bomb(s)

Fighting Styles: Suishou clan style and swordsmanship. Suishou Izanagi has mastered all stages of his clan techniques. More importantly, the "Blooming Orichid Style, Orchid in Full Bloom Style and the Wilting Orchid Style". Izanagi however has never truly tapped into the Wilting Orchid stages, which makes sense, since he would most likely be dead by now.


Izanagi's Jutsus

Clan Information


Kekkei Genkai:


Clan weapon:

Clan History:

Misc. Information

RP sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Izanagi Done   Thu May 12, 2011 7:04 pm

Done I believe.

The Prophecy Of The Noobs

[07:20:29] Izanagi : Blessed are the Noobs, for they shall inherit the Site.

[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Izanagi Done   Thu May 12, 2011 10:38 pm

Approved :ferret: .... i think
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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Izanagi Done   

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Suishou Izanagi Done
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