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PostSubject: Senju Hayashi   Senju Hayashi Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 6:11 am

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Konohagakure

Date of Birth: (March 11)

Appearance: Hayashi is an athletic looking young man of slightly above average height and musculature. He has dark hair that is kept relatively short, and alert brown eyes. He has a tendency to wear baggy robes due to his upbringing, even though he has fully committed to his path as a ninja of Konoha. If he is not wearing those, he is wearing his standard jonin attire, or is clad in his ANBU gear, again with the large black robe. The robe, beyond being simply his preferred garment seems to tie into his unique fighting style. He uses its tendency to billow out to obscure his movements. He could have a kunai drawn, and because of his baggy sleeves, keep it completely concealed.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 143lbs

Personality: Hayashi is a primarily silent person. He is serious in the extreme. Due to him being raised in the temple, he has a highly religious view of the world and though he was raised with monks, though he dresses himself like them, he is no saint. He will do whatever he has to do to protect those he loves. He is utterly determined, almost stubborn. He is quick, efficient, and has an almost calculating intelligence. He does what has to be done, for the good of all. While he does not enjoy taking life, he has no problems with it, and he does love a good fight. He is highly idealistic and utopian in his thinking. He generally wants to think the best of people but is unfortunately proven wrong on many occasions. Still, he is no more cynical than any other ninja. His usual stoic expression reveals nothing about his thoughts, and many see him as emotionally impenetrable. This imperturbability causes some to believe he doesn't even have emotions, and his generally reserved manner seems to lead credence to this theory. In battle, this is true. He knows from experience that emotions impede a shinobi from doing what sometimes had to be done.


  • Writing
  • Exercise
  • Music

  • Unsavory people (Pretty broad classification for him)
  • Cowardice
  • Any form of injustice


Birth Arc

Hayashi was born to a former monk of a temple in the forests of Fire Country and a Senju clan member who had taken up residence there temporarily. In the beginning years, he traveled between the ancestral Senju clan base, and the newly constructed Senju clan compound in Konoha. During this time, the clan was experiencing a large increase in births, and therefore numbers. Thus, the large new clan compound had to be built in Konoha to accommodate the exponential growth. However, Hayashi considered the temple to be his true home.

Academy Arc

When he was seven years old, the temple was attacked and raided. Both of his parents were killed in the fray. The temple, greatly damaged and full of sad memories, was no place for a newly orphaned young boy, and so it was decided that he would stay with the rest of his family in Konoha. This tragedy resulted in Hayashi becoming emotionally reserved from then on. In the beginning his reticence was born of sadness, but eventually silence became a habit. Nonetheless he was well-liked within his clan - his late mother having been the daughter of the clan leader of the time, his grandfather. After giving Hayashi what he thought was ample time to mourn the loss of his parents, his grandfather decided that Hayashi needed to do something constructive with his time, and pushed him into going into the ninja academy. To his surprise, Hayashi whole heartedly agreed. His desire to join was a fairly predictable one. The feeling of helplessness he experienced at the temple when he was forced to hide while his parents were being murdered was something he never in his life wanted to feel again. Something he felt no one should have to feel. It was this feeling of powerlessness that engendered within his young psyche a burning need to become stronger, strong enough not only to prevent something like that from ever happening to him again, but strong enough to prevent that from happening to anyone else. If it was humanly possible to prevent someone else suffering what he did, Hayashi was going to be sure that it was within his capability to protect them. This singular desire and determination to become powerful quickly made him a name for himself among his peers. His ingenuity and tendency to excel at most ninja arts were particularly notable, as well as his impressive physical and mental fortitude. Though he was not always first among his peers, he was always a competitor, being possessed of the gift of single-minded focus.

Genin Arc:
After graduating from the academy and being assigned a team and jonin sensei, he wasted no time and began to hone his skills even more. His teammates were similar people, and were excellent motivators. He practiced till he literally fainted from exhaustion day after day, pushing his body to its limits, not letting himself give up or fail. Finally he attained a level of skill that would intimidate his opponents. He became a fierce fighter, deadly even as a genin. Utilizing his elements of earth and water with atypical skill for one of his age, he became known among his peers for quickly and decisively ending battles, before his opponent had a chance to employ whatever strategy they had concocted to defeat him. Particularly notable of this is that it seemed that opponents who took Hayashi seriously stood the most chance of victory. Opponents who underestimated his skill often met with disaster. He had no problems passing the chuunin exams.

Chuunin Arc:
Having showcased his arguably prodigious skill in the chuunin exams, he quickly emerged as one of the villages best chuunin, and was often paired with ninja of similar skill. During this time, beyond his combat skill, he became known for easily adapting to his comrades style of combat, supplementing their attacks with support or offensive combinations of his own to great effect. The increased teamwork allowed teams Hayashi was a part of a notable synergy that allowed them to accomplish their goal quickly, and usually without any trouble. In addition, though in extenuating circumstances complications arose, Hayashi never lost a single comrade on missions, though they became progressively more difficult. During this time, he created a number of techniques unique to him, even some brand-new mokuton ninjutsu, which he wrote down in scrolls for the use of future Senju clan members. After some time had passed and his abilities continued to grow, he was rarely assigned to missions lower than B in rank. He was even a regular participant in A ranked missions. He was promoted to Jonin rank after a relatively short amount of time. Just enough, in fact, for it to be obvious that he was indeed ready for the responsibilities that came with the title. He received this promotion when he was 13 years old.

Jounin Arc
Having gained recognition for his combat tactics, leadership, creativity, precocious personality and high ability in covert operations, after a couple of years as a regular on Jonin squads he was recruited into the ANBU black ops program, where he has dutifully served since. Though still a very new and unknown member, his ability to coolly and adequately assess generally any given situation earned him some respect among his ANBU comrades, though he has enemies, even within the ranks of the ANBU.

Ninja ID

Village: Konohagakure

Rank: Jonin (ANBU)

Element: Earth, Water (Wood)

Nindo: Those with power have a responsibility to protect those who are weak, even at the cost of themselves.

Skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Weaponry, and Fuuinjutsu


Kunai: 30
Shuriken: 50
Ninja Wire: 3.5 meters
Exploding Tags: 15
Flash Bombs: 5
Smoke Bombs: 2
Fuma Shuriken: 2 (in a scroll)
Soldier Pills: 2

Custom Equipment:

Flash Bang Tags: 5
Flare Tags: 5
Blank Tags: 10
Blank Scrolls: 3
Brushes: 2
Ink Vials: 3
Jutsu Sealing Tags: 5 (not a prepared technique, this is so new ones dont have to be written in battle)
Jutsu Sealing Scrolls: 2 (not a prepared technique)
Chakra no Tate Scroll: 2
Clone Sealing Tags: 4
Empty Vial: 1
Spears of Masazane: (All in one scroll)
Matsucasa: (In a large scroll)


Scrolls: Nine. Larger ones (Matsucasa, the scroll containing the Spears) are located on his back, the rest are around his waist
Tags(All): 44

Fighting Styles:

Name: Shouten-ken
Rank: A
Range: Close
Amount of Stress: Average
Skill: Taijutsu
Description: a difficult to master martial art that features slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water. The user's actions are transformed into attacks and counters - defense into offense. The defensive version of the style's main purpose is to conserve as much energy and chakra as possible. To facilitate this, the user's movements evoke the feel of flowing water. The deceptively slow and elegant forms include many aerial maneuvers, and it is exceedingly difficult to predict what the user will do next. The defensive mode of the style uses strategically timed counters, combined with sweeping or deflecting movements to turn the oppoment's momentum or body position in the user's favor. Simultaneously, to take full advantage of this momentary advantage the user launches a counter attack, putting the opponent in a difficult situation. In addition, the user's reflexes and awareness are trained to a peak level on par with taijutsu masters, allowing to keep track of multiple events at the same time, which in turn allows them to fight multiple enemies and deal with multiple situations at once. Because this style's key point is reaction, rather than powerful attacks, predicting the movements of Shouten-ken users does little to give an advantage if it is possible at all. Rather than simply stopping to deflect an attack, defensive maneuvers focus on control, achieved through turning an opponent's own strength against him, instead of directly harming the opponent. Shouten-ken can be combined with weapons forms for increased deadliness.


Non-Elemental and Academy Ninjutsu:


Earth Techniques:


Water Techniques:


Mokuton Techniques:


Sealing Techniques:


Clan Information

Clan: Senju

Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton no Jutsu

Description: Mokuton no Jutsu, the act of using the Wood Element, allows the ninja to manipulate and conjure tree and wood at will, even from their own body. The wood will grow and bend at the ninja's will, taking whatever form he needs. This element is formed through the simultaneous usage of the Earth and Water Elemental styles. Each use counts as a D ranked technique.

Clan weapon: As the clan of a thousand skills, there is no one weapon they are known for using, though they are generally known to be quite skilled in the use of ninja tools. Those that do focus on Weaponry do however tend to opt to use large weapons (spears, halberds, huge swords etc.)

Clan History:


Misc. Information

RP sample:

Hayashi was running flat out across the plains, dodging the kunai and shurriken his quarry occasionally tossed his way as he fled for all he was worth. Hayashi was gaining on him, the distance between the two grew ever shorter. Hayashi considered yelling after his target that it wasn't worth fleeing, that it would behoove him to stand and fight, but he decided against it. Bringing his hands together after dodging yet another kunai he said instead,

"Mokuton no Jutsu."

Immediately roots sprouted out of the ground and snaked around his opponent's ankles, causing him to fall hard on the ground. Hayashi would have continued performing jutsu on his now fallen target, however a kunai was thrown at him from behind a boulder to his left. Ducking beneath it, and flipping to the side to face both of his assailants, Hayashi scanned the area for this new foe. Meanwhile, his original opponent took out a sword and had destroyed the roots twining around his legs. Leaping to his feet he laughed at Hayashi, taunting him.

"What stopped you, Senju-boy? Not man enough to take on the two of us?"

Deciding not to dignify such an impossibly foolish remark with a response, Hayashi kept his composure. The second opponent still had not revealed himself. Hayashi suddenly became conscious of a rumbling sound beneath the ground. Hayashi quickly leapt backwards as the ground exploded-the product of some sort of jutsu no doubt. Hayashi landed and saw two figures coming at him out of the smoke cloud from the detonation. Thinking quickly, he thrust his arm forward,

"Daijurin no Jutsu."

Releasing a veritable forest of wooden spikes from his arm that twisted around each other, heading directly for the two figures in the dust cloud. They scattered to opposite directions, comming around the jutsu in a pincer movement. Hayashi planted his feet and broke off his jutsu, freeing up the use of his arm. He had two seconds before the ninja reached him...throwing his hands together he performed a quick sequence of hand seals, and a wall of earth rose with Hayashi on it, lifting him up and away from his attackers. He then performed the seal for mokuton once more, and roots, branches, folliage erupted from the Earth Style Rampart he had constructed ensnaring and trapping his opponents completely. Their yells were drowned out by the sound of cracking rocks and rustling greenery as they were swallowed up by Hayashi's Jokai Koutan technique.

Hayashi leaped off the rampart and landed on a long branch, sliding down towards his prizes. He jumped off when he was close enough, landing in front of them. Only their faces were exposed.

"You bastard, what do you want? If you want to kill us, get it over with, we dont have all day!"

Said one of them viciously.

The other seemed to be unconcious. Or, since one of the branches was twinned rather tightly around his throat, dead. Well, Hayashi only needed one of them anyway.

"Relax." Said Hayshi in a calm voice as he approached the two. He was wearing standard attire for ANBU, black cloak, white mask. His gait was smooth and careful as he approached the captives.

"I just need information. It was, if you recall, you who attacked first. Now...tell me,"

A kunai flicked out of Hayashi's sleeve and he held it to his victim's throat.

"I've heard you've been in contact with samurai...I need to know what you know. If I like what you've got to tell me, you get to live."

Nicknames: Taizen (codename)

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PostSubject: Re: Senju Hayashi   Senju Hayashi Icon_minitimeMon May 30, 2011 12:54 pm

1. Name: Tejina (Slight of Hand) I don't like it, so remove please.

Quote :
Name: Doton: Tsuchi Konsutorakuto (Earth Style: Earth Construct)
Rank: A
Element: Earth
Skill: Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu
Range: N/A
Type: Preparation
Description: This technique creates a humanoid soldier out of earthen substances that will fight and do the user's bidding. The construct can look human (i.e. it can look like a clone of the user or any other human). They cannot speak, or perform techniques, however they are very hard to kill, and have certain abilities. The user will first form a series of hand seals. The constructs then rise up out of the ground. Once they have risen, the user inscribes a seal into their forehead, which grants them the sense and ability to intelligently fight an opponent (takes a full post before they can actually fight). The fuuinjutsu part of the technique is necessary because it seals a portion of the user's chakra within the construct, which gives them the ability to move with abnormal quickness and strike with great force. It also forms within the construct a functional chakra circulatory system, which keeps the user's chakra evenly dispersed throughout their bodies. If their ccs is damaged, the part of the body affected will soften and fall away. When struck hard enough, or cut, the part afflicted will turn into mud, and reform. They are very strong and fast. Strong enough to put small craters in the ground with their fists, and fast enough to keep up with gate users (that aren't past the first 2). They have the ability to fire hardened spikes from their bodies as well as being able to form their arms into many different shapes for a variety of offensive purposes (creating blade weapons from their hands, or a bow and arrow weapon). The technique is very powerful, but also comes with a whole slew of weaknesses. They can be dissolved by lightning element jutsu, or by destroying their heads, as it disrupts the seal. Fire techniques are also very effective. If they are immersed in fire, their bodies harden and solidify into solid clay. They are immobile at this point and can then be shattered by the opponent. Water also mildly effective. If struck full on by a torrent of water, their bodies will eventually break down and begin to be washed away. Though seemingly impossible to kill at first, the constructs have a great many weak points, and through trial and error, an opponent can figure out these weaknesses.
Post Duration: N/A
Extra CP Cost Per Post Active:
Preparation Post: 1

This technique is doing entirely too much for my liking. Reminds me of Pein/Madara Gedo technique, where they summon that giant warrior. So please tone it down drastically, or get rid of it entirely.

3. Doton: Yajuu (Earth Style: Beast technique) Same rule applies as the technique above.

4. Name: Detection Mist This technique allows for sensory skills, which gives you a major advantage. So up the rank of the Jutsu please.

5. Chakra Absorbtion Not liking the mechanics of this Jutsu, now its low rank. reminds me of Pein's chakra absorption technique. So a no, no to it.

6. Children of the Forest Technique Please up the rank and give a definite number of clones.

7. Mokuton Supremacy Technique here is doing way too much at once. So tone it down somewhat please.

8. Autonomous Grove technique I am somewhat sceptical about this Jutsu, but we will see how its used in the future.

9. Name: Kajou Kuchiyose Fuuin- This is more like an automated Jutsu, and for the given advantages, it requires a bump in rank.

10. Name: Fuuinjutsu: Majikani Kai (Fuuinjutsu: Proximity Release) I read over this jutsu and it is still a blur. So please dumb it down, and explain exactly what the Jutsu is meant to be doing.

11. Name: Fuuinjutsu: Timed Activation Do the same as what was asked above please.

12. Name: Sanbu Soutei (Sealing Technique: Three Part Binding) This seems like a no way out jutsu, and has no real drawbacks. So please revamp it, to make it more acceptable.

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[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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Senju Hayashi
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