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PostSubject: Alucard Uchiha(W.I.P)   Alucard Uchiha(W.I.P) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 01, 2011 12:48 am

Character Information

Name: Alucard Uchiha

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Kohona

Date of Birth: 7/21


Height: 4"7'

Weight: 125

Personality: Alacard is very disciplined in which has made him to be very calm, and perceptive of the world around him. He does not like to engage in idle chit chat, especially when he is busy. However when he finds nothing more to do he does engage in with his follow comrades and friends. This is out of a sense of duty, due to him having such high honor and pride as an Uchiha. His pride came from his father, who felt that the Uchiha and some other clans were Nobles. This pride, and honor drives Alacard to push himself. " A nobles job is to burden the weight of the world, so others do not have to." Is what his father said to him.

"A strong sense of self, will keep you from losing yourself." Is a quote his farther passed down to him as well. This has cause Alacard to look deeper and deeper withing himself to find who he truly is. Doing so has created a strong sense of self that guides him. This has constructed his Morals, Ideals, and Beliefs. These things however are known to clash with orders and the laws at times. Alacard has however come to believe that honor should be placed above Law in which could cause him to rebel against authority from time to time.

His obedience to authority members, higher ranked officers, and the Law above him are considered very important and he follows them. While he may never leave a man behind, if the law does not effect his honor or beliefs it is obeyed, for the Law is what protects people from themselves. He will do what he needs to though to bring peace, and what he needs to do may not appear to what other see. Alacard is after all a picky man about his actions, and does nothing that has no meaning.

He also has pride in his power, and has great confidence in himself. He is not over confident, and does not reveal himself to his opponents. Yet he never goes in thinking he is going to lose. To such he even believes he can beat a Jounin, this may be because he does not understand the gap between Genin and Jounin. His battle with most Genin, show little not no challenge to him, as he has not yet fought anyone of a higher rank.

Likes: .

  • Gaining Honor
  • People who fight for what they believe in.
  • Improvement

  • Meaningless Chitchat
  • Those who throw away honor.
  • Those who have no limits in their actions.


Birth Arc: Alucards father was an member of the Anbu when his mother was pregnant with him. His farther had high expectations of his son. However during this part of his life the events that followed would have such a great impact on him that they would affect his entire life. This all started with his father Daichi Uchiha being assigned a mission by the Hokage. It was a simple recon mission, however they had heard reports on a missing ninja being in the area. For safety reasons they had sent the Anbu, in fear that he may still be around.

There info was only partially right, there was a rouge in the area, however it was no ninja. Instead a rouge samurai was waiting for them. This samurai was classified as a rouge, however he was actually sent to test the ninjas might, and report back. The samurai hired a ninja from the grass to disguise himself as a rouge ninja. The Samurai awaited for some unexpected ninjas. Upon my fathers arrival, and his squad the Samurai set up events that would separate them. He bribed people to act in panic, set up explosives, and more to draw them away from a pack.

The samurai's name was Fōrunwan Uchiha, an Uchiha raised by the land of iron. Despite being raised by non-uchiha's and non-ninja on that note he had still mastered the Sharingan. His fighting style fused it with his sword skills. Using two Katana's he could cut right threw ninja. While he had no collection on the Mangekyō Sharingan knowing his type, a power hungry man with no limits placed onto his actions he would surely seek hit out.

This trait about him, made his father tremble at first. The man made pot shot upon his Anbu squad and killed every last one of them. His father collided with him, but the man left no time to prepare jutsu. He read there movement a knew when they would go for a jutsu, this made him impossible to combat for a normal ninja. However his father was not a normal ninja. During the past his grand father, had battled the Samurai. When the war began the Samurai had great pride, and honor. This was admired so much but great grand father Kenshin Uchiha that he taught his son this, and it became a tradition.

The battle was vicious, and grueling. Fōrunwan would take any hit possible, and stoop to anything to win. His flashy moves proved to great for Daichi to keep up. Daichi lost, however Fōrunwan took mercy on him in a way of spitting on the fallen Uchiha's pride. My father returned with the new, however while suspicion rose to why the Country of Iron had an Uchiha they had brushed it off. They figured that people move all the time, and one may have slipped threw.

Due to its neutrality they left it alone, and had begun to deal with issues on how to defeat this Uchiha Samurai. His father was given time to rest, and around that time Alacard was born. The leaf sent out ninja to go after this man, and the man made it easy for them to find him. However he ripped threw there Jounin and Anbu. In the mean time my father witnessed my birth and my mother Sakura Uchiha retired as a ninja to raise me.

These moments lasted about three months, until my father was ready to take on missions again. He was determined to find the man who killed his squad, his friends, his brothers. However Fōrunwan began to hide in the shadows leaving empty clues. This made my father incredibly frustrated, and what angered him more was the Country of Iron was not willing to lift a finger to help them catch their rouge samurai. They claimed that it would be interfering in their world.

Fōrunwan however had made the lowest move possible. Using some inside info from spies hidden in the leaf, he had dug up info on my father. He had kidnapped me and my mother while he was on a mission. Something believed to be imposable was infiltrating the Uchiha compound this man did as if it was child's play. The man left a note telling him to meet him and come alone to settle the score. He threatened out lives, and left one of my mother fingers there as a sign he was serous.

Fōrunwan new that Daichi new to much about their ways, unlike most ninja he was trained in skilled. This unsettled him, and that he even believed that the Ninja could have been spying on them this whole time. This idea did not come to him until after he speared Daichi. The village however was very unsettled that Fōrunwan was able to do this, and they demanded that Daichi must not go alone. However Daichi claimed this was something he needed to do alone, he needed to reclaim his honor. The Hokage simplified with him, and told him not to fail.

Daichi went after Fōrunwan, however he still had doubt on how far a Uchiha could fall. Fōrunwan taunted Daichi, and even asked him to join him. However Daichi raised his blade at him. He demanded to a fight, and for him to give back his wife and son. Fōrunwan laughed at him, and cut my mother throat in front of his eyes. He then understood how far a man could fall, and charged into battle filled with rage.

The battle was long, and hard but in the end his rage caused him to fail. However he managed to save me, and force Fōrunwan to run away. Daichi however was thankful he was able to save his son. Fōrunwan fled to his home country land of Iron, and made a report on all that he has learned. Daichi retired, no longer able to hold up his head. He also felt it was needed to raise his son.

Academy Arc: During his Academy years he was always at the top of his class. His father would not except 2nd place. His childhood had always been that of his fathers ideals of a noble. He spent all his time honing his skill, and trying to impress his father. However something had always kept his father from smiling and connecting with him. He figured it had to be something with mother. Without a mother, he did grow up to be very critical and less forgiving, it also did not help that his father was also like this. His father did however apply great self awareness in Alucard.

Alucard was liked in the school, but like most geniuses he did not actually have many friends. This was not because he hated people, but because he was always busy on trying to improve. In a sense power meant everything to him at this point in time. He had known he was powerless, and he was eager to fill in his fathers foot steps. However he did end up growing a friendship with the class clown.

Edwards Uzamaki who had often skipped class and slacked off. While he was serious about training, and smart in his own way he did not get books and written tests. While Alucard hated him at first for his slacking nature, his carefree joking side did lighten Alucard up. Despite the childish things Edward would Alucard never lowered himself to Edwards standers.

At age 9 though Fōrunwan had returned to finish things with Alucards father. While Alucard had learned the secret Fire Ball Jutsu, and just started learning the Sharingon he was no match for Fōrunwan. His father had not been exercising, and keeping himself in shape. To be put bluntly Alucard's father was a shell of the man known as Daichi. When word spread to Daichi he took off to fight Fōrunwan. He left a note explaining everything to Alucard just in case he did not return. The two fought it out. and Daichi did win, however the injuries he sustained were to great to survive. His last actions were him cutting out Fōrunwan eyes with his sword and regaining his pride and honor as he died. The last years of the academy were hard on Alucard without a father. Yet he pushed through them.

He remained at the top of his class, and graduated when he turned 11. He did graduate at the top of his class, and began to carry along a Wakizashi which he was trained in. This was to help him combat anything he may run into that his fist would not be enough. He became the most intimating member out of his class. So much that most tried to avoid him but Edwards. His carefree spirit did not even seem to let the cold change bother him.

Genin Arc: If Applicable

Chuunin Arc: If Applicable

Jounin Arc If Applicable

Kage Arc: If Applicable

Missing Nin Arc: If Applicable

Ninja ID

Village: Leaf

Rank: Genin

Element: Fire


Skills: kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.


Fighting Styles:


Clan Information


Kekkei Genkai:


Clan weapon:

Clan History:

Misc. Information

RP sample:


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