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 Jutsu Usage & Chakra System

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PostSubject: Jutsu Usage & Chakra System   Jutsu Usage & Chakra System Icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2011 5:55 pm

Rules & Regulations

The Chakra system below, will dictate how many Jutsus, and of what rank, one may utilized before running low on Chakra. As seen in the Manga and Anime, when one runs out of Chakra, they're in danger of dying, as a result. Please take care when using your Jutsus, and try to utilize a bit of strategy when you do.

Here on A Shinobi’s Destiny we have a chakra system in place which dictates just how much your character will have at their disposal. This system will only affect you, at times when Chakra is needed to perform an array of tasks. The amount of Chakra Points (CP) to each character will depend on their rank and skill level. The information below will give you some insight about the system. If there are any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to refer it to the suggestions area. The entire ASD community are here to make sure your Role playing experience is satisfying and enjoyable.

Chakra Amount & Ranks:

Genin: 80

Chuunin: 120

Jounin: 220

Kage: 300

Missing- Nin: A missing Nin's Chakra reserves will vary according to their previous ranks held in their respective villages.

Jutsus Usage and Chakra Cost

Jutsu Chakra Cost:

D-rank: 6 CP

C-rank: 10CP

B-rank: 16CP

A-rank: 24CP

S-rank: 32CP

The table below will give you an idea as to how many Jutsus may be performed, before one runs out of Chakra. It is also advised that one remain logical about their Jutsu usage. I advice against spamming Jutsus or lower ranks, just because your rank and Chakra reserves seem to allow it.

Jutsu RankGeninChuninJouninKage

Character Creation:

Genin~ can learn E-C Ranked Jutsus [can only have 20 jutsus in total. However when your creating your Genin character for the first time you can only have the 5 E-rank jutsu 3 D-rank and 2 C-rank jutsu. At this point you will have no elemental Jutsus. Genin may learn up to 4 B-rank jutsu before becoming a Chunin through training.

Chuunin~can learn E-A Ranked Jutsus [can only have 15 jutsus when creating your character.] A-rank jutsus will be limited in amount and usage. Only able to possibly create ones character with only 1 A-rank technique.

Jounin~ can learn E-S ranked jutsus (Jounins may only have two S-Ranked Jutsu at the begining) [can have 25 jutsus when creating character]

ANBU: can learn jutsu depending on what rank they are if they are a chuunin ANBU they learn the amount of jutsus a chuunin can learn. If they are a jounin ANBU they learn jutsus for jounin.

Kage~ can learn E-S Ranked Jutsus (kage may only have three S-ranked jutsus at the begining) [can have 32 jutsus when creating character]

Missing-nins: the ranks a missing-nin can learn depends on the rank they were before the became a missing-nin (ex. if you were a chuunin that became a missing-nin you will only be able to have in the beginning e-b ranked jutsus when making your character, you may then learn higher ranked jutsu when you rp on learning them) [the amount of jutsus depends on the rank you were before your character became a missing-nin]

Kage Bunshin and other Clones Cost:

Shadow clones- 20 chakra points

Water clones etc- 15 chakra points

Soldier Pills

Soldier Pills (Food pills) etc- these nutritious items will only restore half of your character’s Chakra Points. In essence, if your character’s starting CP amount was 80, then once a soldier pill is consumed, it will only restore 40 CP. This also works the same way in reverse. If you were to consume a soldier pill without wasting any CP, then you will only gain a boost of half. Like the example before, if you were to start with 80 CP, then the amount gained from the pill will be 40. This will add up to a total of 120 CP to use at your disposal

Due to the effect of the pill the site has a 4 pill per topic limit, please abide by it.

The Prophecy Of The Noobs

[07:20:29] Izanagi : Blessed are the Noobs, for they shall inherit the Site.

[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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Jutsu Usage & Chakra System
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