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 Break Down the Walls W.I.P

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PostSubject: Break Down the Walls W.I.P   Sat May 28, 2011 9:51 pm

Character Information

Name: Soul Uchiha

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Taiyougakure [Fictional Village]

Date of Birth: March 9th



Ikasu has long spiked hair that goes about halfway down to his back. His hair also comes to hos shoulders and are normally seen in the front as if they are to pointy knifes. Ikasu's skin is rather tanish colored due to all his time in the sun. Ikasu wears the full chunnin outfit just like the shinobi are suppose to. He wears a flack jacket with 2 thick shoulder pads on top and 3 big pockets on each frontal side around the chest area. His undershirt is dark blue with the Amegakure crest on the arms. He wears matching pants that aren't that loose with bandages leading down to his feet where he wears open toed shinobi shoes (Kakashi combo). On the back of his vest instead of the Kirigakure symbol its a giant Uchiha symbol just like his shirt. He wears gloves matching his outfit dark blue with a thin layer of metal on the backhand of the gloves. He has purple eyes that are natural and look sky blue in the moonlight. Around his neck he wears a necklace that has a sharp ninja wire thats keeping it all together. It has 4 big red beads that have 3 feathers under them.




Ikasu is a rather unique person. With his weird past he has shown not much of his personality. His mind is normally wondered off in a different dimension. The way he acts is just something out of a drama show. He is incredibly smart but his IQ is normally overlooked by his depression or anger. He can normally hold his head up to a normal stature around people he cares about. When hes on an everyday basis he is very twisted and quiet. He would attack someone without second thought if their vibe isn't right for him. But during a fight he doesn't go for kill blow's. He wants to test out his enemies and see what they can do.

Likes: .

  • Poon
  • Pie
  • Females

  • Cocks [CHICKEN]


Birth Arc

During a solar eclipse the sky darkened. The people of the ninja world were stuck in amazement on how the sky was a purplish color. All you could hear out of this time was the screams of a woman. These screams were heard all throughout taiyougakure. It was coming from an Uchiha female. No one could of predicted that she would give birth on such a day as this. Friday the 13th. The woman screamed as a spectator looked on saying "PUSH KAMINA PUSH". The woman laying down grabbed the spectator with force and rapped his collar around her fist. "YOU DON'T THINK IM PUSHING? THIS IS THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE" A man watched as this baby was born out of twilight. He appeared to be the husband of the woman Kamina and the father of the baby. This man went by the name of Meraha Uchiha. As the screaming and pulling went on the eclipse faded away and this beautiful day was changing. With the movement of the moon it brung on a cold child and as the spectator said "One final push" The woman screamed and gave that final push as it began to snow. As it snowed the baby came out crying. This was a moment of bliss. As the baby shed his first real tear snow landed on his forehead stopping the tears. The snow stopped as the baby stopped crying and everyone was caught in a moment of confusion. The father of the boy did the opposite, He let out 1 large laugh and said "Thats my kid" Where did this man come from nobody knew. But one thing could be speculated. What did he get such a weird child? As the baby had his cord cut they said it was a boy. The mother smiled and said "I will name him Ikasu. Ikasu Uchiha."

Academy Arc

Within the first obscene months of his life Ikasu spent his time crying all the time and pooping. He did this until he was about 11 months. One day his father walked up to him and said "Son. I remember when your sister Ishina was this age. She was such the brat. Crying all the time but we didn't know what to do. We were in a panic 24/7 and we were lost. Overtime we got better at being first time parents but now it is different with you. We know what to do. Son i know you don't understand what i am saying but i want you to grow up and be a great strong jounin like me." The young Ikasu looked at his father and grabbed his index finger. He began to nibble on it with his 2 front teeth. His father smiled as he made 1 handsign and flickered away. Now on his first birthday he had a party thrown for him. As Ikasu seen his older sister's bright blue red hair and she elegant smile she began to giggle and chase him. Ikasu began to crawl away. As he sister began to run faster and faster Ikasu stood up on his two feet and ran down the hallway. His sister was speechless as she just witnessed her brothers first steps. As he ran he he bumped into his mother who began to jump for joy and hug Ikasu. As she was proud Ikasu was confused. He began to cry but this wasn't a sad nor scare cry. It was a cry for joy, something that only this young man could possibly fathom. For the next few years Ikasu would learn the basic steps of the shinobi life as he got himself ready for the ninja academy.

At the age of 5 Ikasu entered the ninja academy. He knew he had to live up to his families expectations. His father being head jounin, his mother being a former chunnin, and his sister being an anbu black op. Ikasu knew how important it would be for him to follow in the footsteps of his Uchiha family. He didn't want to let them down in anyway shape or form. His first day in the academy Ikasu was rather scared. He was well known because of his family but this changed nothing. He was afraid that he would fail them and be the weakest out of the whole family. That was the last thing Ikasu had wanted in his life, To be the failure of the bunch. As Ikasu walked in class everyone looked at him funny. He was an Uchiha. The people born with everything was what they were known as here in Taiyougakure. Everyone in the room looked older than Ikasu. It wasn't exactly that everyone looked older it was the fact that everyone was indeed older. He didn't know how to respond to the fact that he was naturally gifted. It wasn't his fault he couldn't hide his ability from the world because of the hatred it would bring him. As Ikasu went to take a seat in the far left corner of the room a kid pushed his chair out of the way causing Ikasu to fall on the ground. Everyone started laughing and Ikasu began to get angry. He stood up from the ground and gave a round house kick to this kid. The kid put his arms up but Ikasu pushed passed it kicking the kid into the wall behind him. All you could hear was nothing. Dead silence, nothing was being said. Even the teacher was lost for words. This kid that Ikasu had kicked happened to be the head of the class the top dog. His name was Blake Hyuuga. The prodigy of the sun is what people called him. The boy stood up from the wall and his face was burning red with anger. He wanted to attack Ikasu with all his might. He knew that he could beat him and he knew he would crush his dreams of staying a shinobi. As he leaned back into the Hyuuga motion the teacher appeared between the two and sat them down. He said to them "For the next 4 years you two will be classmates. So stop this bickering"

Genin Arc:

It was now known. 4 years have passed and Ikasu has grown quite alot. So has his family. His mother gave birth to another child. This time a girl. And Blake Hyuuga had become teammates with Ikasu Uchiha. The two most hated enemies would become besfriends within the 4 year prologue. Now Ikasu was 9 and Blake was 14. They were both fairly young and knew the tale of death and have seen it to many times. Their 3rd teammate Kukasu had recently died on a b rank mission assigned to the team to make sure they were up to par. Blake and Ikasu hated thinking about the death of their best and only female friend but sadly crossed their minds all the time. They were on their way to the memorial stone when they came across a group of academy students. One of them were rather beautiful. Her name was none other than Teika Hirohata. Ikasu has always had his eyes on the beautiful girl and they were always far apart. He never really had a chance to speak with her let alone tell her how he feels. As he was walking up to her he was punched in the face by someone. He turned to see who it was and it was Kaizen. He was the new member of Ikasu and Blake's team. They weren't happy to have the funniest guy on the team but he knew how to get the job done. They were set on a mission to go into the rubles of Konoha. This mission wouldn't end for another 5 years.

Chuunin Arc:

On the return of his mission Ikasu was now 14. Ikasu was now much taller and much stronger and very handsome. As he walked through the village he noticed Teika. She was now a genin just like Ikasu but this wouldn't last for long as Ikasu was invited to the chunnin exams. That would be something rather fun for Ikasu to do. Ikasu noticed that Kaizen and Blake were also invited but they were rather content with something. They had gotten back home a week before Ikasu and they discovered something rather weird and odd. Ikasu wanted to know what was going on so he ran home. As he got to the compound of the Uchiha he noticed alot of shinobi hanging around. He wanted to know what was going on but he realized that they were all gone. His family just vanished right out of thin air. No one seen them leave the village or anything. This was rather weird for Ikasu to hear. He didn't know how to take the news. He started to shed shallow tears. These tears weren't something an average anger would bring on. This was something a depended anger and hate would bring on. As Ikasu took 1 step away from the compound Blake and Kaizen arrived on the scene. They both put their heads down and gave a moment of silence. Ikasu shook his head no and ran away. He found himself talking to the former Taiyoukage he told Ikasu everything that he needed to know. Ikasu was still very upset but he still wanted to get stronger and go find his family. He entered the jounin exams. He ended up facing Blake himself. The former rival now best friends face off in an all out fight. They both went all out. Ikasu used all his doton jutsu and Blake went full force with those deadly eyes of his. It went on for atleast 3 hours before both men passed out. They awoke both jounin.

Jounin Arc

Ikasu and Blake both went out on a mission. Ikasu was now 19 and Blake was now 23. Both men had begun to train halfway done with the mission. A cave in acurred and both the men were hit by rocks. They were put into coma's and both awoke a year later leading to current day. On his active years as a jounin 4 years time has passed and Blake began a anbu agent for his village. Soon after he was offered a lucrative offer by the Mizukage he could not refuse. On that note Ikasu defected from taiyougakure and went to Kirigakure.

Ninja ID

Village: Kirigakure


Element: Lightning, Earth

Nindo:To be the best you gotta beat the best

Skills: Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Summoning,Kenjutsu

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.


9 inch chakra enhanced weighted chain.

Fighting Styles: N/A


Clan Information

Clan: Uchiha

Kekkei Genkai:Sharingan,Blaze Release

Description: Sasuke Uchiha nigga. LRN

Clan weapon: N/A

Clan History: Niggas got merced by Itachi.

Misc. Information

RP sample: Ikasu jumped over the puddle. He than did the moonwalk.

Nicknames: Hannibal Roy Bean.

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Break Down the Walls W.I.P
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