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Peggior Incubo

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PostSubject: Peggior is a BOSS!   Peggior is a BOSS! Icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 8:39 pm

Character Information
Peggior Incubo!

Personal Information~
Name: Peggior Incubo
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Not known

Date of Birth: March 7th

Peggior is a BOSS! Wallpapeh

Nuff Said.
Ripped with tribal tattoos all over him. he has black hair and a little silver in it. He never wears a shirt, and is a decent size, he is about 6'3" and weighs 175, he looks very freighting and always has a "eat shit" smirk on his face.He also looks like he is blood cannot see it here in the picture but he has a black soul patch on his chin.

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 175

Peggior Incubo is a really chill guy but whatever he wants he will fight for and usually wins,He usually knows whats best for the situation but sometimes let fighting get in the way because it is his favorite thing to do.He is very cocky person but only if you start first.He is usually to himself tho although if someone is fake he will say something. He is the realest person you will ever meet...Also in his free time if he is not training, he is playing guitar or smoking marijuana and once he is fighting, he gets blood thirsty, one of you will die if not dead will be SEVERELY HURT he thinks that everyone should have respect to others and lend a helping hand. But he's more of a lone wolf. He does not really like helping people out unless needed or to even things out like they helped him. He keeps to himself mainly and does not share what he's thinking.Once getting to know Peggior Incubo more, he will be more calm and act like he does not care about you that much. Yet he'll help out every now and then. He will talk to you more and hear you out.When you get close to him This is a rare thing but once you get close to Peggior Incubo he will be more friendly to you. He'll like to see you even if he's just chilling and wanting to be alone. He will pull the hero act on you when you're in trouble and risk his life to save yours. Peggior Incubo will like to show that he care more about you then others only when it's just him and you.


  • Skateboarding
  • Fighting
  • Playing guitar

  • Fake people
  • Fake people
  • Did i mention Fake people?

History: Peggior was a spoiled at birth always getting what he wanted and never having to deal with any consequences. After his 7th birthday he enrolled into the ninja academy and that is when everything went downhill. Although Peggior was doing great in all his classes his parents were having more arguments at home. As time passed things settled down and Peggior graduated.

Peggior, after returning from a mission over heard his parents having a conversation. He walked in on them his eyes red from hatred what he heard was a tragic turn events as he had learned that the people before him weren't his real parents. Cooping with this new found knowledge was difficult, for awhile he did nothing but stare at the sky wondering if his parents were alive or not and if so hoping they were ok. Continuing on with his life he continues on with his missions, Training, and making new friends and never returns home.Peggior has his own place now by himself he built it from scratch it is a really nice cabin that some people would kill for.Despite knowing if his real parents are alive or not he still searches from time to time for them.

Birth Arc
Peggior was born from a family where he was the only child. Peggior was apart of the great clan of Incubo, The clan dealt with Lightning and Fire jutsu, but He was a rather normal baby if you looked at him, but he would become one of the best swordsmen users of his time. Yet that is later on in his history.

Academy Arc
The young ninja, named Peggior, soon as entered the academy, but what others didn’t know was that Peggior had a very rare gift, which was his Photographic memory. He could look at something once and remember it till the day he dies. Thus, he flew through the beginning work and jutsu in the academy by simply reading the books and things like that. Thus, he used all of his Extra Time training his Swordsmanship, and in no time flat he had fully mastered the technique. Thus, he quickly graduated the academy at the top of his class, and was placed in a group with losers basically.

Genin Arc:
Upon, Becoming Genin, Peggior trained harder to create and increase his Chakra. Yet, the Chakra training didn’t go to well, and he soon gave up on it. He did several of D-ranked missions with his team, and soon got a very good name for themselves among the other villages, or towns nearby. Also, the young ninja went on C-ranked missions alone for time to time, because of his clan he worked better alone then in his squad. Yet, the chuunin exams were coming up and his Squad began to train very hard in their mastering fields to strength themselves, but then they trained together as a team to strength their tactics together. Thus, finally when the Chuunin exams came around they were completely ready for it.

Chuunin Arc:
Peggior and his squad had been completely ready for the Chuunin Exams for a little while now, and they had to travel to Kumogakure, also known as the Village Hidden in the Clouds. This was to be the place for the Chuunin Exams this year, and His squad made their way to the Land of Lightning. When they finally made it to the Kumogakure, the squad was completely worn out from traveling so far. So, they rested up before the Chuunin Exams started the next day. The Next day the written part of the Chuunin exams started, and due to Peggior's Photographic memory he knew the answers to all the questions. So, after he finished the test he laid his head down and took a quick power nap for the next part of the exams. The part of the Chuunin exams was a piece of cake, it was testing the Squad skills to work together as a team, and Peggior's squad made it through easily. The Next part was the tournament part of the Chuunin Exams, it was a battle one on one to knock or a Jounin ninja stopped it. Thus, Peggiors swordsmanship was a thing of the Tournament that kept his Opponents scared. Peggior's level of swordsmanship was something that Genin shouldn’t have. Yet, Peggiors confidence would let him cut through diamond if he put his mind to it. Thus, Peggior’s squad was one of the squads that got the promotion to the Rank of Chuunin. Upon, gaining the Chuunin rank he began to go out on more solo missions. Thus, he got to explore the Ninja world a lot more then normal. Peggior was very excited to be able to fight missing shinobi and other ninja's, but first he wanted to train to get stronger and stronger untill one day he was prompted by the Kage of Kiri and the Kage challenged him to a fight.Peggior didn't know what the Kage was doing.Peggior was going to give it his all to try and impress the Kage and it worked. Later that week he was promoted to Jounin from the Kage himself.

Jounin Arc
Now that Peggior was a jounin he only relied on himself to become stronger. Every chance he had he was training.He never let a chance pass so he could train.Then one day some men in mask came up to Peggior and asked him for a fight.They handed him two swords that where enhanced with lightning.The name of the swords was Kiba then the men in masked asked him to fight.As Peggior was fighting he noticed one of the men just standing there observing every move Peggior was making.After a good twenty minutes of fighting the man that was observing Peggior took off his mask and it was the Kage.The Kage asked Peggior to use these two swords he just got and protect the village and himself.When Peggior accepted the offer the Kage then told him that he was now one of the seven swordsman of the hidden mist.Peggior has done nothing but little missions and protect the village of Kiri since.

Ninja ID

Village: Kiri

Rank: Jounin

Element: Lightning and Fire

Nindo:Losing is not an option.

Skills: Swordsmanship and photographic memory.


Exploding Notes
Windmill Shuriken(s)
Smoke Bomb(s)

Fighting Styles:
swordsmanship and blowing shit up with his fire jutsu or anything else that explodes.



Misc. Information

RP sample: After leaving the academy he knew that he had to train. He would go back and work on everything from hand seals, taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, chakra, speed, and even read the book over a few times to even working on some other things he wanted to learn. The first thing he had to do was make it to the training field. He removed his shirt and began to do a couple of laps around the field. He would run from tree to tree running back and forth between them and would get his heart rate up. He would do this to strengthen his endurance and give him more energy. If he could keep going and pushing himself harder he would surpass the other students in no time. His technique had to be flawless in every way possible. He had to work on more than just form and understand that every move he made would have a purpose. He began training with all his heart today. He would push himself beyond his limits and surpass those who he looked up to. In order to reach his goal he would go through any length possible to gain the desired result. He began doing suicide sprints from tree to tree on the training grounds. He would do this for as long as he could and would push this for as long as he could. Going back and forth and continuing his speed. He would try to get faster with each step. He wouldn’t stop until he had reached his desire effect in this technique and ability. He wasn’t ever going to give up even though he was out of breath. He continued running for a full hour and then he finally ran out of breath and didn’t want to run any more. The strain on his legs was very painful but he would take an hour’s rest and return back to training in no time ready to continue on. He would get back up and stretch then do a little bit more jogging to get his heart rate up. Once he finished that he would go onto moving back to his suicide sprints from tree to tree gaining speed with each step that he took and he wouldn’t stop no matter what came to his mind. He wouldn’t stop going on until he was able to move at a faster rate than anything he had ever experienced before. No matter what came his way he would push it to the limit. As he moved from tree to tree with the swiftness a ninja needed he knew that he was gaining progress. He would be moving faster with each step despite being tired. He needed this speed to activate his body to the fullest potential he could. No matter how harsh it would be he would continue using this ability and continue moving and continue practicing. He would continue this until he was out of breath and this time he would take a break.

After working on speed he moved onto his chakra training. He needed to build up his chakra in order to gain a better grasp of jutsu ability. He would place his hands together and would form chakra at the bottom of the tree. Using the book as reference he would try to make it to the top of the tree in no time. He took one step on the tree and he fell in no time. There was nothing he could do about that. He continued running up the tree and continue falling. After a few minutes of training he started to get the hang of it. He wouldn’t stop training this until he was able to get to the top over and over again. He reached half way up the tree and was exhausted. There was no way for him to reach that tree with the little bit of chakra he had. He used almost all of his chakra and passed out but then he woke up the next day. He didn’t have school this day so he had enough time to train the whole day. He began running up the tree and he made it past his old half way mark. The training was paying off now. He could see the results of his training coming into blossom. He began moving up past the mark going up higher and higher than he had reached before. By doing this he was expanding his chakra and learning to control the chakra easier without having to worry about running out of chakra for a particular amount of time. This would increase his motivations seriously. He would continue doing this until he would reach the top of the tree. Once he reached the top he would climb down then jump the rest of the way. He was low on chakra again so he decided to sleep it off and wait until he was able to regain his strength and move a lot faster. Now that he had that basic tree climbing technique down he would do it over and over again to produce better results. Each time he went up the tree he would go all the way up then half way down and run out of chakra. The next day he would do this again and go all the way up and all the way back down and run out of chakra. He continued doing this repeating the cycle always doing more than he did last time making half way up and half way down over his previous tries. Pretty soon after a few hours of training and a lot of time to try and train the jutsu he was able to actually make it up and down the tree five times without a problem. He was satisfied in his work and knew that if he could make it up there that many times he must be able to move onto the next skill which would be the water walking jutsu.

He went to his book and looked at the next jutsu in the book which would be the water walking jutsu he dreaded. But something was different about his eyes. His eyes had gained another tome. From reaching this point in his training he was already able to use the stage two sharingan. He didn’t know it but he could feel the draining in his chakra. He tried to figure what the cause was but he didn’t care. Maybe the feeling would go away sooner or later. He stepped on the water and began balancing but fell right in. He tried again and again but couldn’t get the idea down. He didn’t know what to do. He read the book over and realized that he had to change his flow of chakra to the water. He began trying to change like the water did and was able to balance for a few seconds before falling. He continued training and soon thanks to his new sharingan he was out of chakra. The sharingan deactivated from lack of chakra being there to use and he passed out. He woke up the next day and was able to continue training. He would go to school once he mastered these jutsu. He began to walk on water. The drain in his chakra was gone and he was able to focus better this time around. He would continue to keep walking around the water for a few seconds before falling in and was able to balance well. He kept doing this and moving and kept balancing and pushing it on and on until he was able to balance on the water for five seconds. He’d keep doing this until he’d doubled his time each time. He would keep falling in over and over again until he would get it. Then he began to realize that the water changed and he’d have to react to the change of water ever so slightly. So now he knew that he was able to walk on water by adding chakra to his feet and keeping in tune with the water. He trained this until he was able to do it at the same time which would be no small feat to accomplish. He had to mental train his mind to separate when to change chakra and when to step. He would practice walking on the water first, and then he began practicing how to run on water, he would keep training himself not to miss a beat as he had to be quick to run on water. This would be the hardest part of his training to him. He had to reach this ability no matter what. He would keep going until he had mastered running on water. He was able to walk on water without missing a beat, he could run, jump, skip, even dance on water if he wanted to. He practiced pulling himself up out the water and even learned how to just stand on the water.

His next thing to learn would be the body flicker jutsu. He had to learn this jutsu in order to pass the genin exam or at least that’s what he was told. He would practice this jutsu with precise chakra control. What he was aiming to do was convert enough chakra to his feet then release it in an extreme burst of chakra and then appear to be instantaneously teleporting out the way. He would do this over and over again and this greatly relinquished his chakra quickly. He had to take multiple breaks to even get past this stage. He was only covering long distances though. He would continue training and breaking in between and keep moving. He kept moving as fast as he can, but he didn’t know if it would be enough. He tried it one time and he fell skidding across the ground. He had to learn how to use it in a short distance as well and use multiple short blasts of it. He would work on using body flicker from side to side. He would slowly increase the distance as he moved going to reach a better distance. Each step he took with body flicker would increase. He would keep going until he reached a foot apart then he would keep going further. He took a small break here though, deciding to eat and fill his body with food. He didn’t have much money to buy the food but he ran into a family at the part who were done with their food and saw him training and gave him the food to eat. He didn’t know people could be that nice so he went back to training. Once he was well rested he would continue training trying to reach a new level in body flicker and actually pull off further distances without tiring himself out so easily. He finally got the gist of the jutsu down and kept moving over and over again. Soon he was able to move the size of the training field in three body flicker attempts. He had to lower that number. He kept training it day in and day out until finally one day he was able to actually reach this goal and was able to move at a better rate than before. He had increased his potential at a very large rate since training. He knew that he was able to do a full length of the training in the one swift movement of his body flicker. He was pleased with this result and was able to actually take a break after doing these tests. This was the hardest thing he had to train while he was down there. Little did he know he was being watched by a student, who was in his same class and admired what he was training to accomplish Peggior Incubo didn’t know but this person was going to talk to him soon. The girl came out and approached him to talk.

“Hi, my name’s Yessica…I’m in your class. I was wondering if I could train with you…you seem so confident in your skills I’d like to be like you.” Peggior Incubo didn’t know how to explain it but he actually liked her looks. He was interested in this girl. Peggior Incubo nodded his head and took out the book. He pointed to taijutsu which was the technique that he was going to focus on next. The girl took a stance and looked at Peggior Incubo. He would wait for her to attack him. She threw a punch at him and he would duck to avoid it. She would launch a kick from up above bringing it down in a half axe kick. Peggior Incubo was able to raise his arms up to block the attack. She brought her other leg out attempting to kick him in the face which connected. He had no natural defense against her onslaught of taijutsu attacks. He rolled with the kick launching himself up and took his stance. The girl charged at him again. She would jump into the air and launch a kick at Peggior Incubo and would try to his him in the face with the kick. If she couldn’t she would try and land quickly and hit with a spinning back fist that would aim at his face. Peggior Incubo figured that she would do a quick combination to attack him. He would side step her flying kick and would duck her back fist and would sweep her legs if she tried to jump he would use a rising upper cut to catch her quickly. She did jump at the leg sweep and the rising uppercut connected. She would fly back from the attack and would skid across the ground. She got back up and ran at Peggior Incubo with full intent of attacking him with her spinning kick. He would duck to avoid it but she came back at him with an interesting counter jumping off the tip of her toe rotating in mid air and bringing a vertical kick down onto the top of his head. He would fall face first into the dirt. Peggior Incubo was enjoying this. He would quickly roll to his side and would run at her with a punching combination, he lead and ended with his right fist and she dodged each of these attacks perfectly without any effort at all. Apparently this was her specialty. She would return with her own punches that would closely reach Peggior Incubos face but he would do better at dodging than she was. He was getting better which each move he made and would continue to get better no matter how much she attacked him. He was going to make progress one way or another. With his chakra back up he was straining his eyes to follow her movements when his eyes began to turn red. Peggior Incubo began using his stage two sharingan without even knowing it. He was able to see what she was going to do and read her movements. He was able to slow them down with this new found power of his and was able to actually read her attacks and move at a faster speed. At this rate her attacks wouldn’t ever touch him no matter how hard she tried. He began fighting back and soon he realized that his attacks were even faster. He was able to focus on her chakra and was able to actually focus on her form. He could see the loop holes in her attacks and all the openings that opened up to him. She would launch a high kick at him and he would slip under and sweep her leg bring her down. She rebounded quickly and launched a punch with her left hand which he leaned to the left to avoid and get in between her defense and launch a punch of his own to her midsection. She saw that he was getting stronger but couldn’t believe it. She no longer held back against him and went full force into the attacks. She would launch an attack and he would counter it perfectly seeming to master a minor form of taijutsu but could he dodge her all the time. The chakra drain wasn’t as drastic as it was before because of his earlier training. He was becoming faster, stronger, better, smarter, he was able to break down her attacks and was able to counter. He was gaining control of his sharingan even better than before. She would be a great sparring partner for him. She would continue to attack him and she picked up a speed ever so slightly with each attack testing his limits. Pretty soon they both were tired and took a break. During the break Peggior Incubo talked to Yessica for a while and wanted to learn more about her, well she talked and he listened. During their time together she realized why Peggior Incubo couldn’t talk. Over the course of that day she would teach him the basic words he needed to know. He would soon be able to say more things like “Hi how are you” or “nice to meet you.” While they would train taijutsu she would teach him how to speak little by little. And moment by moment they would grow closer and closer. He began to understand her and she began to understand him. This was beginning to seem like his first love. After training for an entire week with this girl he began to grow attached to her. She kissed him on the cheek after training each day and he was excited to have his first love. He had never known true love until that day.Peggior Incubo was fluent in speaking and could talk well as anyone else now. He was able to tell Yessica how he felt about her and told her that he was falling for her. They trained harder than they ever did in their entire life. But during training something changed…his tome in his eyes changed from two to three. She couldn’t even touch him anymore. He was on a different level. They called training that night a wrap and Peggior Incubo offered to walk her home. He walked her home but little did they know he was being followed.

“Hey kid, you the one who took out my men,” the man asked.

Peggior Incubo looked at the men; they were wearing the same clothing as those thugs he killed. But something was different. This one was stronger. His eyes could see this one was different. The man used the body flicker technique and got behind Yessica holding a kunai to her neck. Big mistake, Yessica elbowed him in his gut and stepped on his toe and ran away from him. He threw the kunai at the back of her head but Peggior Incubo used body flicker to appear before it and caught it. He could see the kunai travel through the air slowly. But the man had members of his gang everywhere. They would prepare for a fight. Yessica would knock two men out off the bat hitting them in the back of their necks while Peggior Incubo took care of three of the six remaining men himself. Yessica became surrounded and Peggior Incubo used his body flicker to deal with them knocking them out from behind. While he wasn’t focused the main boss came behind him with kunai in hand and aimed at the back ofPeggior Incubos head. Yessica ran in front of the kunai taking the blow.Peggior Incubo watched as the blood dripped off the kunai onto the ground. The only girl who ever showed him any affection, the only girl who ever kissed him, the only girl who told him that he was somebody and taught him more than any sensei at the academy ever could, was on the ground with a kunai in her head. Something in Peggior Incubo clicked. His eyes became twisted as he was filled with rage, sadness, guilt, loss, hurt, devastation. He would no longer stand for this gang taking things away from him.

“You’re going to pay for that…” Peggior Incubo said with his Mangekyou Sharingan activated.

The man felt a strange presence as Peggior Incubo disappeared behind him and took his kunai out and rammed it into the man’s neck. He walked over to Yessica’s body and picked her up. He didn’t know what to do. He cried carrying her to the hospital himself. Everyone knew who the boy was but when they saw him covered in blood holding a dead girl they saw something they thought they’d never see.


He fell to his knees on the hospital floor. He had become strong, but not strong enough to save the girl he loved.. He didn’t know what to do any more. Everything he knew was a lie. His sharingan deactivated after going through that small change but that was only so that he could conserve his chakra. After carrying her in he collapsed on the floor. He didn't know how to explain it, but something was missing

Nicknames: Justin,Osiris

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please put all jutsu in correct format you can get it off of the jutsu creation page i do believe.
Also please put fire as one of your elements or you need to take off the fire jutsu.
after which i will be able to mod this better thank you ^__^
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