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 Rupinasushīru [wip]

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PostSubject: Rupinasushīru [wip]   Mon May 16, 2011 1:41 am


Seal Name: Rupinasushīru
Meaning: Lupine Seal


Type: Power Seal
Attribute: ..Chakra..?
Effect: Rupinasushīru was created in order to give normal humans abilities similar to the members of the Kedamono clan. This includes their superhuman speed, strength, agility, chakra sensing capabilities etc. The user goes through a series of "stages" each stage more powerful than the last. Each stage gives the user a more wolf like appearance thus giving the seal it's name. The seal also has a "chakra pool" of it's own. It gradually takes the hosts chakra to store separately so it can be released when certain stages of the seal is activated.
Purpose: The purpose of this seal was to create super soldiers in times of war.

Application: The application process for the seal is a rather long and painful one. It is a six hour ritual which requires the person who the seal is being administered on to stand completely still. Many seals and charms will be placed on the ground. These may seem useless at first, but it will actually be to prepare the person's body in the middle of these charms and seals for the process that follows.




Creation:It is unknown who created this seal but it is known why. As more wars were fought more of their Kinsmen were killed. So a member of the Kedamono clan went to creating a special seal that can give ordinary shinobi a boost in power by giving them abilities like their own. The creation of this seal was rather simple yet tediously long. They had to experiment on humans with their clan's chakra, this caused some unwanted side effects most of the time. Trying to mix their beast chakra with a persons ordinary chakra failed as the beast chakra rejected the persons chakra causing death. But by overriding a persons chakra system with their beast chakra will cause the beast chakra to become dominant and gradually take over their chakra system. This will cause the seal to appear. A total of two and a half years was needed to create and master this process which caused the death or mutation of many test subjects. By that time the land was at peace, however the Kedamono clan still administered this seal onto people so they can be ready whenever they needed it.
Creator: Unknown..
User(s): None yet. But I refuse to give it out to un-loyal sons of bitches. That's right. I know who you are..

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Rupinasushīru [wip]
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