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Akakawa Clan [WIP]  2336_m
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 Akakawa Clan [WIP]

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PostSubject: Akakawa Clan [WIP]    Akakawa Clan [WIP]  Icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 1:32 pm

Clan Name: Akakawa
Clan Nick-name: To the displease of the Akakawa clan they have been given the nickname of Red Devils because of their Kekkei Genkai.

~Kekkei Genkai Template~

Kekkei Genkai Name: Although the Akakawa clan hasn't given a name to their Kekkei Genkai, the ability has come to be called and known as Chishio No Yomi by the Shinobi world.
Kekkei Genkai Description: When the Kekkei Genkai is active the user's eyes turn a bloody red.
Kekkei Genkai Effect: Akakawa members have full control over their blood; being able to secrete it from their pores, shape it into different forms, for example a wall, sword, whip, or a full suit of "Blood Armor" that can be namipulated to the wishes of the user. They're also able to control the hardness and malleability allowing the Akakawa to create soft cushions of blood they can land on to break their fall or a dense defensive dome to protect them from attacks.

~Clan Traits~

Physical Traits: The Akakawa produce blood in their bodies at higher speed then that of what others outside the clan are able to produce. Clan members are also born with bright red or white hair, and their skin is a tanned caramel one.
Mental Traits: Akakawa are born with eidetic memories, allowing them to recall images, information or sounds with great precision. This however is a double edged ability because it also means that they remember all the crimes they may have performed. This in turn creates a great sense of regret in Akakawa clan ninja who may need to kill, a sinful act in the eyes in the teachings in the clan.

The Akakawa never refer to themselves in the first person with someone they know on a body name basis believing that by doing so one is being egotistical. Instead they refer to themselves as "this one," and only refer themselves in the first person when they're speaking to a person on the soul name basis.

Clan Customs:

Religion: The Akakawa believe that the Soul and Body are two different entities that with the help of the mind form a whole; which is the human. When either the soul is traumatized, or the body is ill or injured, a person is no longer considered whole and so they must work to make themselves whole again. The Akakawa believe that death is the departure of the soul from the body to the afterlife referred to as the “Sea”.

The Body and Soul names - Since the Akakawa treat the soul and body as two different entities an Akakawa member is given two names, a "body name" and a "Soul name." The body name is used as a general label for use by strangers and acquaintances. The soul name is kept for use among close friends and relations.

Clan Gods: The Akakawa clan has a complex religion that revolves around their polytheistic beliefs in their gods.

Mizugoshou - God of fertility, all waters and the afterlife.

Reidokami - Mother to us all and goddess of protection.

Inuryoushi - God of dogs and hunting.

Sukaime - God of the sky and seer of past, present and, future.

Clan Hierarchy:

The Council of Three: The Akakawa isn't lead by one sole person but three members. These people are chosen by the clan as a whole and will keep the position until death, step down or the position is taken away from them for inadequacies. A member can only have their position taking from them if the people and one of the other Councilof three members vote for their leave of the rank. The Council of Three is responsible in the keeping the clan safe, and in making the major decisions. All decisions made by The Council of Three must have the best interest in the of the clan.


Akakawa Ceremonies:

The Rite To Adulthood: A child of the Akakawa clan of the age of thirteen will go through this ceremony. During the ceremony the child needs to stand still in a circle on the ground and allow them to be beaten with a stick by an adult of the clan. The Akakawa believe that the beating of the body of a teenager will result in the gaining of a stronger body when the adolescent heals from his bruises. This phase of change is known as the "Loss of the child body" and the gaining the "Gaining of the adult body". After this the youth will be required to walk into some flowing body of water and provide a small blood offering of their blood. They allow this blood to flow through the water and into the "Sea". This blood offering symbolizes the life of a child leaving the body. This ritual symbolizes the maturity of the body; one of the three parts that make up the "Human". The maturing of the body is the first step in an Akakawa members’ life to gain complete "Sync" with all three parts.

The Rite Of the Warrior: An Akakawa member who chooses the path of the warrior is considered to be choosing a life of hardships. This is because their religious beliefs abhor the act of killing, which is something a Shinobi will come across a great many time in their career. In fact the only reason that there are Akakawa ninja is that they treat the soul and the body as two different entities because of this an Akakawa's body will be treated as a mere tool that people can use to perform acts of murder like how a sword is used as a tool to kill. Although this philosophy absolves Akakawa ninja from them for their crimes, the convenience is undermined by the fact that most Akakwa are born with eidetic memory; which in turn gives them the ability to recall all murders and crimes they have performed in their life. This leaves a great guilt in Akakawa warriors that is constantly weighing down on their conscience. It is because of this sacrifice of their conscience that Akakawa warriors are regarded as heroes to the clan.

Although becoming a ninja is a difficult life for an Akakawa and it usually is taught to avoid the path of a warrior this does not mean it is something easy to become in fact becoming a warrior of the Akakawa is difficult to do. The Akakawa usually train their own instead of sending them to the Ninja Academy, believing that only they can train their own. The first step is to becoming a warrior is to be recommended by the Council of Three and to this the would be warrior must answer a series of questions and it is depending on the answers given if the Council of Three will allow it.

Sending: When an Akakawa has died and their soul has left to the Sea the remaining body is put on a raft with their most valualble possessions and set adrift on a moving body of water. An arrow is set on fire and shot at the raft to set it ablaze, allowing the raft to crumble and sink under water.

Holy or Symbolic places and objects of the Akakawa Clan:

The Sword Tree of Red Leaves -

The Steps -

~Clan Information~

Clan Founder: Akasuisei
Current Clan Leader:
Clan History:
Clan Age: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 yrs old. Razz
Clan Enemy: N/A
Clan Alliances: Kirigakure
Clan Symbol: A curving red streak placed in a white round background, the streak represents the clan's name which means scarlet river.
Clan Element: Typically the Akakawa are born with the Wind and Water elements, the latter appearing more dominantly in them.

~Clan Offensive/Defensive Info~

Clan Weapon: The Akakawa do not have a specific weapon they use although there have been many famous Akakawa who were proficient with the Katana.

Clan Jutsus:

Name: Chishio Kasumi - Blood Mist
Rank: C
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: far(10+m)
Description: Able to secret blood from their pores which they can then manipulate into different forms, making as strong as steel or a very malleable substance. The clan may also choose to squirt blood into an opponents face to blind them or to create a fine mist which grants them the cover to move and attack in complete stealth.
Mastery: No

Name: Chishio gan'yuu - Blood containment
Rank: C
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: close(0-5m)
Description: A basic clan jutsu when wounded the clan member is able to stop their blood from flowing out of their bodies preventing them from dying because of the loss of blood. Though they cannot keep this jutsu going for long periods of time it helps the user by extending the amount of time they have to seek medical care.
Mastery: No

Name: Chishio Hiru - Blood Leech
Rank: C
Element: Kekkei Genakai
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: close(0-5m) mid(5-10m)
Description: The user will form leech like creatures from their blood given them a distinct red color. These creatures may seem harmless but in groups they are dangerous killers being able to suck the blood out of a person similar to the Chishio Ekisu - Blood Extraction technique the clan member's use. Once on someone's body these tiny parasites are difficult to take out and when pulled out they live a circular bite mark on the victim's body. These creatures serve as a way to store blood for the clan member to use at a later time.
Mastery: No

Name: Chishio Bushin - Blood Clone
Rank: C
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Skill: Ninjtusu
Range: close (0-5m) mid(5-10m)
Description: After performing a se t amount of handseals the user will create from their blood a clone made of blood. These clones similarly like the water clone are able to interact with the environment around them. Being able to perform small tasks ordered by the creator be it an attack or as a shield. When destroyed these clones revert back into a blood form.
Mastery: No

Name: Chishio Ekisu - Blood Extraction
Rank: B
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Range: close(0-5m)
Description: Able to adhere their skin onto their opponent’s and then absorbs their blood into themselves; leaving their enemies as dried up husks. Upon completion, the clan member must then vomit out the excess blood before they can use the technique again. Having so much control over their blood the clan member is able to extract what blood he or she has inside of them. As more contact equals faster blood drain clan members dress in a more revealing manner.
Mastery: No

Name: Atozan - Placenta
Rank: B
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: close(0-5m)
Description: A jutsu that creates a blood enriched sac around them or another's body. While inside the sac a person has no need for oxygen, this grotesque looking bag has healing properties healing the person in the sac of their wounds be it from a burn a stab wound or a mere cut.
Mastery: No

Name: Chishio Kairai - Blood Dummy
Rank: S
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: close (0-5m)
Description: When the clan member's blood enters another's he or she is able to control that person's body being able to use them as human shields or to attack someone against their own will. As a way to kill the person in control the clan member has the power to forcefully secrete the blood out of that person, killing them in the process. Someone with a great enough can withstand the orders of the clan member but eventually they will succumb to the jutsu.
Mastery: Have you mastered this jutsu? Yes or No remember you must go through the training of mastering a jutsu to be able to say yes.

Clan Fighting Style:

The Way of the Flowing Leaf -

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PostSubject: Re: Akakawa Clan [WIP]    Akakawa Clan [WIP]  Icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2011 10:17 pm

Chishio Kasumi - Blood Mist- This Technique is doing too many things at once. Maybe reduce it to one ability. Or explain it better.

Chishio gan'yuu - Blood containmen Please give a duration and be reasonable since its a C-rank technique.

Chishio Hiru - Blood Leech- How many leeches and do they have a weakness?

Chishio Ekisu - Blood Extraction How fast does this happen? And am I correct in say, you need to actually be in contact with the target for this to work?

Atozan - Placenta I would suggest having a medical skill set for this. And please state how long this technique last for, and the rate of healing and all.

And I can't say I like that Blood Dummy Jutsu ^^

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Akakawa Clan [WIP]
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