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 Sakadijou- The Blade of a Swordsman

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PostSubject: Sakadijou- The Blade of a Swordsman   Wed May 04, 2011 9:12 pm

Name: Sakadijou- Reverse Motion
Owner: Suishou Izanagi

Attribute/Element: Sound

Special Ability: Sakadijou has the ability to induce a reversed motion effect in both physical and spiritual movements. Spiritual movements are of course related to the movement of chakra. Sakadijou’s ability comes into play after the release of a subtle low frequency wave. It is a sound wave that only those with keen hearing, such as a Dog can generally pick up on. The sound wave is released when Chakra is channeled into the charms attached to the blade. Which then redirects the flow immediately, and as a result, the sound wave is released very swiftly as expected of a sound based attack. The sound wave is released in a wide arc, covering up to 15meters in width and will travel over long distances. The sound wave also appears to be transparent, with the only give away to its presence. This being the warped atmosphere that surrounds the wave as it travels.


Once the wave comes in contact with the target(s), it will cause a malfunction of sorts. It will aim to affect the cerebrum of the target(s) once the wave makes contact. This cerebrum malfunction affects the conscious and volitional motor functions of the body. This will in turn as the name suggest make things go in reverse. This means that if the target wanted to move to the right. Their body will instead move to the left. If they wanted to run they would instead walk. If they wanted to move back, they would move forward instead. The same thing occurs if they wanted to duck, they would instead stand up. Attempting to jump would seem them crouch instead. The same will happen again if the target wanted to punch, they would instead kick. If they wanted to raise their hands, their legs will instead raise. Sakadijou is also a great weapon against a Shinobi too. In cases where a Shinobi attempts to form hand seals, their legs would instead move. This means unlike the fingers that helps to activate a jutsus. The feet will not do the same, as the toes or feet don’t perform the same function as the hands. To further stress this point, the target will do the opposite of whatever they’re meant to do. It is also quite difficult to adapt to this way of fighting too. Since the awkward movements tend to throw of an opponent.

Spiritual/Chakra Movement:

Sakadijou’s ability will also affect the opponent’s chakra flow too. This makes it very difficult to form handseals and perform Jutsus. The Chakra flow will be disrupted, thus channelling Chakra correctly will again be difficult. One should note that this is not a Genjutsu either, but can be very effective against Genjutsu too. Genjutsu’s generally allows the Shinobi to extend their chakra flow to the cerebrum of the target. However this may also prove to be a very difficult feat to perform. This is due to the fact the channelling chakra will be very difficult. Sakadijou is also the perfect Kai release at times against Genjutsu too, even those that are very powerful. The Wielder of Sakadijou’s can disrupt their own Chakra flow at will. As long as they are holding onto the weapon, that generally only responds to its wielder. (Think Kisame’s Samaheda). Sakadijou can help with the dispulsion of up to A-rank Genjutsu attacks. This happens due to the Genjutsu being cast will not be as powerful as it normally is against Sakadijou’s effects. The effects of the weapon will stay active for 10 posts with a 10 posts cool down.

Special Attack: The Kyuuin Shuin- Absorption Red Seal. The seal is placed all over the blade, which allows it to seal and release foreign chakra by the wielder.
Link- Kyuuin Shuin

Drawback: Sakadijou unlike most weapons isn’t focused on Power. This leads to its drawback being the time frame in which it remains active. Plus the amount of time that has to pass before it can be used again.

Durability: Sakadijou is said to be an almost indestructible weapon. The blade generally remains unfazed by most things and hardly has a scratch on it.

Appearance: Sakadijou is seen more or less as your typical Katana, but there is nothing typical about the blade itself. The Katana is your general length being 37inches long and two and a half inches wide too. The blade of Sakadijou is black with silver shape edges. The hilt of the weapon is wrapped in dark blue and white material. The Cross guard has a round edge with an 8 pointed star connecting the cross guard. Attached to the hilt of the blade is a foot long red rope like chain. And on this red rope like chain are three charms on both sides of the rope like chain. The charms are circular, and are also silver in color, but for some reason doesn't glisten against the sunlight, which is another unique feather of the blade. The sheathe of the weapon is completely black, with a silver cuff at the edge/tip of it.

Alloy/Substance: As stated above Sakadijou is made from a very durable substance, which is said to be almost indestructible. The substance also helps with creating the sound waves that the sword uses

Length & Width: 37 inches in length and two and a half inches in width.

Background: Sakadijou was created by a great sword smith of the Ryuuchi clan and was given to Izanagi as a present. It was to congratulate him on his rise to glory and becoming a swordsman.

Creator: Kaito Ryuuchi

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PostSubject: Re: Sakadijou- The Blade of a Swordsman   Wed May 11, 2011 7:27 pm

Ahh.. I remember this..



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Sakadijou- The Blade of a Swordsman
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