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 Moe's flash back training thingy

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PostSubject: Moe's flash back training thingy   Wed May 04, 2011 8:12 pm

[Flash back the discovery of a beloved summon and of course the Heelys of the past!]
Training My summoning contract and gaining my wheels.

Moe was traveling back from a mission he had just recently completed it was very hot out so he had taken off his hoodie and placed it over his shoulder as he strolled down the path to a small village as it was getting late and he needed a place to rest and possibly a place to spend the purse of money he had “liberated” for a band of thieves he fought on the way down the path who though with his humble and not wanting appearance was an easy target. He laughed at the memory of their faces when they noticed their mistakes. They were relativity unprepared for a ninja group nothing but a hopeless roving band of peasant murders the world was better without them and there loot made a great reward for his service. He did however leave all of the bodies and worthless to him items in the road for some scavenger to come a pawn and have a disturbing but happy discovery but the money was his, Spoils of battle. He also took an interesting scroll that he would look at later on when he stopped for the night.

Moe had finely arrived at the small village which to his surprise had quite a crowd of shoppers in the towns trading district which seemed to be the whole town besides a few places to stay at for travelers. All of these seemed to be full so he, with his newly obtained money, decided to look around town for small town treasures or even just some good food. Like getting stuff for free this is he thought as he walked around the town buying a little knickknack here and one there for chumps change compared to the money he had access to. After the first shop he stepped into he walked out with a strange little frog looking thing that’s head kind of bobbled up and down in a strange manner he loved messing with it for a while till he got bored and gave it to some child on the street who looked miserably bored waiting for his mom to get done shopping. Then he saw a sign for a place that looked interesting it said in massive letters “TRAVELING REVOLUTIONIZED!” He opened the door hearing the familiar ring of the bell above the door in most all shops in the town. The man standing at the counter yelled in a friendly tone. “Welcome to traveling revolutionized! The shop for the traveling of the future please check our selection of my new creations called ‘Earth Gliders’.”

Moe walked up to the counter and inquired for more information about these so called ‘Earth Gliders’. “So shopkeeper what do these Earth Gliders do exactly? I only see shoes with awkward holes in the bottom of the heels.” The shopkeeper smiled largely, his eyes widened and he said to a clearly potential customer. “Why my good customer these shoes aren’t just ordinary shoes that give the user the appearance of gliding on the earth. How you may ask? Why it’s simple.” The shopkeeper walked up to a pair of the shoes ,picked them up , and disappeared into the back of his store for a short while reappearing with a small pair of wheels he popped into the holes in the bottom of the shoes and said as he handed Moe the shoes to look at. “You see it operates like a simple cart except on your feet allowing you to roll to where ever you want.” Moe examined the shoes with utter intrigue and realized he must have them just for the fun of low exertion for maximum distance without having to use things like boards awkwardly placed beneath your feet.

Moe said to the shopkeeper in a tone of interest. “Hmm these wheels maybe convenient but wouldn’t it make it hard to walk normally without leaving wheel prints where ever one travels is there any way I could have the same thing except I could pop the wheels in and out of the shoe at will?” The shopkeeper looked stunned as he said “Man you must be one smart guy to come up with that so quickly after finding out about my invention it took me years to make that kind of idea up and put it into action luckily for you I have just one pair made but it’s quite expensive my friend.” He pointed to the price on the tag of the shoes. “Now add 50 to that and that’s the price of the ones where you can change weather the wheel is in or out. I have to warn you though the heel is kind of awkwardly thick to hold the wheel when it’s inside.”
Moe looked at the price and said “that’s not as bad as I expected hold on.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the appropriate amount of money and handed it to the shop owner. The owner smiled largely and said “Ok sir can you please let me measure your foot?” Moe let the shop owner do as such. The man walked into the back and came out with the Earth Gliders and handed them to

Moe and said “thank you sir come back if you need new ones they are very durable but they won’t last forever!” Moe walked out of the store wearing his brand new Earth Gliders. He walked down the road a little and noticed a vacancy in a nearby inn so he went in rented a room and went into his room. He sat down and lit the candle on the desk. He grabbed the scroll he found in the bandits belonging and unrolled it looking carefully at it to the untrained person it may just look like art work. But in reality to a ninja’s eye it was easy to tell it was a summoning contract for, Moe examined it closer, Snakes. But what kind he wondered. He examined even closer and found that it was for Anacondas deadly venom less snake whose bite left the wound infected with flesh rotting bacteria. Moe raised an eye brow and looked around for a place to sign. He pricked his finger and signed it without thinking confident in what it was and what power it might give him in return for his signing. He stashed the scroll back in his bag and went to bed after setting up a few anti-theft measures.

Moe was now once again walking along the road but this time back to Kumo having had a great time in the town but when he tried to use his new Gliders he almost fell flat on his face because on the road there were no flat surfaces. But he figured out forcing earth chakra into the shoes not only supplied speed but also flattened the path ahead of him for easy travel it even worked in grass. After he figured this out he decided to stop and try and see what his new summon was like of course he would have to start with the kid master him then the adolescent. He was going to stop after that and move on leaveing the rest for another day unless they were easy enough to put under his control. He made hand signs and summoned out the kid summon.

Sumato awoken from a long slumber appeared on the ground in front of a strange man who had wheels on his shoes Sumato puzzled for a moment began to get close to the man’s feet examining them closely Sumato asked this man in a quizzical tone “What is your name and on a side note what are these wheels on your feet? And why are they there?” Moe was almost startled by the snake slowly approaching his feet till it started speaking so he answered the snake saying “Ah you can talk this is a good thing. My name is Moe Suckra and these are my transportation they are much easier then walking or running.” Sumato was mad at how simplistic the wondrous shoes where in reality he was hoping for a wonderful explanation that would blow his mind so he just said. “Well I am Sumato and I am a very smart snake compared to most all of my family besides my father who taught me everything I know.” These conversations continued for a long time and Moe and Sumato had a lot of deep intelligent conversations and they agreed to work together. Moe desisted to leave the other summons for later and head on home with his new companion hiding inside of his hoodie whispering things to his new master as Moe would whisper back softly making him look insane but he didn’t really care.
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PostSubject: Re: Moe's flash back training thingy   Wed May 04, 2011 9:39 pm

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Moe's flash back training thingy
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